Dip into Social Entrepreneurship

Examples are an excellent place to start when explaining social entrepreneurship. Below is a brief video of Ruth Richardson, introducing the work of the Small Change Fund, a social enterprise she helped create in 2009.

Ruth’s story is similar to Seema Pabari’s. In the video below, Seema explains how and why she created Tiffinday, a social purpose business that delivers environmentally friendly lunches to workplaces across Toronto everyday.

There are a number of resources to turn to from here to learn more about social entrepreneurship. Since 2009, a website called Dowser has been telling the stories of social entrepreneurs in North America and beyond. In Canada, an organisation called Enterprising Nonprofits (enp) maintains an extensive library of resources on creating and maintaining a non-profit social enterprise. For entrepreneurs more interested in creating for-profit social purpose businesses, SiG recommends the MaRS Entrepreneur’s Toolkit.

Below is a video from 2009 presenting talks by Nick Temple, Director of Policy and Communications, School for Social Entrepreneurs, UK and  Nigel Biggar, Director, Social Performance Management Center, Grameen Foundation. Despite being a few years old, these talks remain relevant to those dipping into social entrepreneurship for the first time.

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