Dive into Scaling

Miranda de Ebro chloroquine phosphate tablets for sale The following paper takes a more in-depth look at the dynamics involved in scaling related to social innovation. At the same time, it differentiates between the popular terms of social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, and social innovation; an attempt to encourage clarity around language in this developing field.


http://www.feuerwehr-bitburg.de/index.php/kalender/year.listevents/2016/11/11/139 In the paper, the authors write about the interplay between agency and opportunity as a necessary component for scaling. Interested in hearing about a real world example? In this video, Al Etmanski talks about his experience with strategically scaling to significantly increase the impact of the Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN).


steel dartscheibe test Mbanza-Ngungu Interview with Al Etmanski from Social Innovation Generation on Vimeo.

As you learn about what it means to scale an idea or initiative, you’ll become familiar with the idea of working across scales and how that sort of dynamic can shift systems. The following paper explores important questions around whether networks help facilitate the bridging of innovations across scales in complex problem domains.

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