About the SiG Knowledge Hub

Ramon merkur casino boskoop Welcome to the SiG Knowledge Hub.

extremely casino de saint vincent italie This website is designed to provide clear and practical access to current thinking about social innovation with learning resources to inform your work.  The four partners of Social Innovation Generation (SiG) and its supporting national office have assembled this resource with the goal of helping various sectors, communities and practitioners create the conditions for social innovation in Canada.

http://www.die-linke-rottenburg.de/index.php/der-ortsverband/termine/month.calendar/2002/04/06/- We have also designed the site to ensure that there is something for everyone – whether you are new to the topic of social innovation or already an advanced practitioner. SiG has identified themes that will help you on your learning journey. During your visit, if you identify key areas that feel are missing from this resource, please let us know by contacting info@sigeneration.ca

motionlessly top 10 restaurants nederland In designing the Knowledge Hub, SiG put into practice the latest knowledge on cloud platform techniques and collaborative practices. During the last 5 years, SiG has championed the work of the Framework Foundation and their exploration called: Platformation. The initiative aimed to better understand like-minded organizations’ willingness to share information through technology standards that are consistent with the open-web and/or adoption of low-cost collaboration technology within a common platform. The Hub is a working example of technology’s ability to enable sharing back-end administration across offices. It also showcases SiG’s desire to be an open network through the additional archive made available by Box.com.

beekpark Glostrup SiG engaged GrantBook to help build this site. GrantBook is a social purpose business, co-founded in 2012 by Anil Patel and Peter Deitz.

Enjoy your visit!