Being an effective consultant means being up to date with latest ideas and practices in your field of expertise; its an on-going personal and professional learning journey. Having recognized a growing interest in social purpose entrepreneurship, enterprise and innovation, more consultants are moving their organizational leadership and/or policy development experience into the social innovation space. When you make time for your own professional development, this site is one place where you can continue your learning. When new research happens, when new strategies are proven particularly effective for enhancing organizational resilience, collaborating across sectors, or evaluating social impact, you want to be sure you can be ahead of the curve and share the best new thinking on social innovation with your clients. While theoretically you could start anywhere on this site, it may be good to begin by looking at the resources for Systems and then Scaling. A publication that may be of particular interest to consultants is this paper by Stephen Huddart, CEO of The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation.