Video Presentations

666 casino no deposit Welcome to our Video Presentations page. Here SiG has organized our video content into series that you can explore in your own time.

le reve las vegas Inspiring Action for Social Impact Series

Inspiring Action for Social Impact is a national speakers’ series led by the world’s leading social innovation thinkers and practitioners.  This series will guide you through proven collaboration and co-creation approaches and strategies that are capable of generating practical solutions to Canada’s most pressing and complex social problems.

The 2011/2012 SiG Webinar Series highlights the latest thinking by the SiG leadership team on topics of particular interest to each node.  This series will bring together the full spectrum of theory, practical approaches and viewpoints that are shaping this work in Canada.  It will challenge you to dig deeper, ask new questions and hopefully forge new ground. Graduate Diploma Thought Leaders

The Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation brings together global thought leaders to support its students at various times in their academic studies.Broadly speaking, these leading experts  encourage students to grasp a deeper understanding of system dynamics and engage with them in designing innovative strategies that disrupt current realities.  This series highlights some of the knowledge, insight and experience these thought leaders have shared over the last two years to help frame particular topic domains, inspire provocative questions and offer innovative approaches.

flash player für tablet kostenlos Feodosiya Net Change Week

Net Change is a weeklong series of events at the MaRS Centre in Toronto exploring the intersection between technology and social change. First launched as the Social Tech Training in 2008, it was expanded in 2009 to meet the increasing demand of practitioners wanting to understand how to use social technology to achieve greater impact.