SiG believes deeply in the energy and creativity of young people to participate fully in social innovation. In fact, the unique perspectives and skills of young people can provide critically important leadership. Not seen as a special interest group that should be cordoned off to the side, the active engagement of Canada’s youth in understanding current and future challenges as well as in collaborative problem solving is imperative for creating the conditions for innovation to occur.

Youth are some of the most active in social entrepreneurship. However, to maximize and connect change efforts, we suggest exploring to further your understanding about ideas on Social Innovation and the Systems that you’re wanting to change.

A publication that may be of particular interest to youth is:

We also have a terrific update to Getting to Maybe provided by Frances Westley. Frances delivered a public presentation in 2012 called Getting Back to Maybe, in which she shared new insights into understanding complexity and transformative change, and the critical dimensions of “maybe”. Listen here (Frances begins speaking at approximately 4.40 min after being introduced: